"When you play the game of internet thrones, you win or you get yeeted."
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this guy

Has been king for:

11 days, 8 hours, 6 minutes
dollar sign Current bid: $12
How to become the king

It's easy to claim you're the king. A lot of people do it: king of dance, king of pop, king of memes. And now even the king of the internet.

Well this is the real deal. You want to be the king? Claim your throne.


First come, first served. The catch? You always pay $1 more to dethrone the current king. You can name yourself, a friend or anyone you think is worthy of the crown.

We're in it to see who the real king is and how much is he willing to pay to stay on the throne.

Proceedings go to charity and supporting projects. Nobody's buying a palace.

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